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Saturday 12 July 2014

Granny beheaded in Tenerife begged for help

A sheet seen at the scene of an attack, on the Canary Island of Tenerife, Friday, May 13, 2011. A man randomly attacked and beheaded a British woman

Detectives in Tenerife are facing difficult questions after it emerged that a terrified British woman had begged for help just minutes before she was beheaded on the Spanish holiday island.

Grandmother-of-five Jennifer Mills-Westley sought refuge at an employment centre in Los Cristianos, where she told social services officials she was being trailed.

A man was reportedly sent away from the area by a security guard before the tearful 60-year-old woman left the building.

She was later decapitated in a nearby supermarket.

A police source working on the murder inquiry revealed that the grandmother had waited in the office until the man following her had disappeared. She then walked into the Chinese-owned shop nearby and he went after her.

“He grabbed a kitchen knife from the shelf and stabbed her at least 14 times in the neck without saying a word,” the source said.

“Eventually, he managed to sever her head. He picked it up and ran out of the shop.”

A 28-year-old homeless Bulgarian man with a police record was arrested after he allegedly fled the Valdes shopping centre.

The suspect, Deyan Valentinov D — with Spanish police only providing the first initial of his surname — allegedly made off saying: “God is on Earth.”

It is thought he has previously received psychiatric treatment.

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