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Saturday 20 September 2014

Mother in coma after using home hair dye

Cosmetic giant L'Oreal has vowed to help an investigation into why a woman collapsed while using one of their home hair dyes (AP)

Cosmetics giant L'Oreal has pledged to help those investigating how a 38-year-old woman collapsed after using a home hair dye and ended up in a coma.

The family of mother-of-two Julie McCabe, from near Keighley, West Yorkshire, believe she suffered a reaction to chemicals in the L'Oreal Preferences hair dye she used on October 30.

Her father Keith Miller said: “She is in a coma. We've spoken to the doctors and they have said to us the condition she is in now is most likely how she will stay. They are not giving us much hope.”

Mr Miller (63), said his daughter was taken ill after using the dye. She was struggling to breathe and then her heart stopped. The family is concerned the chemical para-phenylenediamine (PPD) could be to blame.

Earlier this month, 14-year-old Chloe Robins, from Southampton, said she suffered an extreme allergic reaction which saw her head swell to twice its normal size after using a dye with PPD.

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