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Martin McGuinness denies bomb link

By Chris Thorton

Martin McGuinness today dismissed a report that he knew about the Enniskillen bombing in advance as "completely false".

A BBC documentary to be broadcast tonight claims the Deputy First Minister was in charge of the IRA unit that coordinated the 1987 Poppy Day bomb that killed 11.

But Mr McGuinness said the Age of Terror report was "entirely based on untrue briefings from individuals within the intelligence apparatus long hostile to Sinn Fein."

"These are the same so-called reliable security sources who told the world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction as a basis for the invasion of that country."

Jim Dixon — who was injured in the blast — said: "It is unbelievable that a man who is involved in the council of the IRA, which was carrying out heinous atrocities, can sit in the government of our country. But I believe in a God above. God judges people. No man escapes."

The programme claims Mr McGuinness was in charge of the IRA's Northern Command.

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