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Alert after pensioner robbed by bogus caller

By Brendan McDaid

Pensioners have been warned to be vigilant following the robbery of an 80-year-old woman by a bogus caller.

The man lied to get access to the elderly woman’s home before stealing money from her.

The ‘distraction’ burglary occurred in the Sawel Place area of Dungiven at the weekend.

The man knocked on the pensioner’s door claiming to be from the Housing Executive and showed her a photographic ID card.

He said he was there to check the house for damp and to test the pressure in the kitchen taps, and was allowed in.

When he left however, the woman discovered a cupboard had been forced open and a sum of money stolen. The victim was shocked but otherwise unharmed. Police are now urging householders across the region not to let strangers into their homes and to look out for their elderly neighbours.

“Bogus callers depend on the good nature and goodwill of others,” a PSNI spokeswoman said.

“It is worth remembering that bogus callers will use all sorts of tactics to gain access to a victim's home.”

Residents have been urged to make sure their back door is locked before opening the front door, and to use a chain and spy hole or look out their window to see if they recognise the caller.

If in doubt, they should tell the caller to come back later while arranging for a friend, relative or neighbour to be present.

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