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Amber alert: Snow on the way to Northern Ireland

Parts of Northern Ireland will get sleet and snow later with up to 25cm expected to be dumped on high ground.

The Met Office has warned drivers to prepare for snow today and over the weekend.

An amber alert, the second highest, advises people to be prepared for potential disruption caused by snowfall.

The same front -- coupled with high tides -- was expected to result in gusts of up to 60mph and heavy rainfall.

And this morning temperatures drop to between just 1 and 4C and rain turns to sleet and snow.

There will also possibly be wintery showers along the border counties as well as in Co Donegal, according to Met Eireann.

Transport Minister Danny Kennedy said that gritters were on standby to deal with bad weather.

Mr Kennedy said: "I would urge motorists to take care on the roads. The best advice is in the Highway Code - drive with care even if roads have been salted, be prepared for road conditions changing over short distances and take care when overtaking gritters.

"I would again remind the public to make sure their homes including outside pipes are well insulated and that we all keep an eye on our vulnerable and elderly neighbours."

In deep snow the Roads Service can use nine snow blowers - the latest of which can shift 1,600 tonnes of snow an hour.

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