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Clergyman pens poem to burglars who broke into church kids' club

By Christopher Woodhouse

A clergyman has penned an unorthodox response to burglars who broke into his north Belfast church and stole TVs from a children's club.

The Rev Jack Drennan of Crumlin Road Presbyterian Church has resorted to verse in a bid to get the thieves to see the light.

He even invited them in for a cuppa, telling them they don't need to break in.

He was inspired to write the poem after two televisions worth around £400 each were taken from the church in a burglary in September.

Writing to the Belfast Telegraph, Rev Drennan said: "All we had of any interest to anyone other than ourselves was two TVs - and they are gone.

"We have no money to be taken, we have got nothing of value.

"The TVs were used by the children's club on Monday evenings but the burglars have taken them.

"Damage has been done and we have been annoyed but we remain.

"Hitler tried to destroy the congregation and even he failed. If there are people who really need to get inside the building be our guests.

"We are open every Sunday from around 9.30am and you can have a free cup of coffee.

"People even use our facilities because we want to serve the community but no one needs to break in, just come in."

He added: "Everyone please take note, there is no money kept in the building, nothing of any monetary value. The truth is all you can have is what we have, nothing but love and grace."

Last night, Rev Drennan told the Telegraph: "We are really struggling to make ends meet and we can't afford to replace the TVs.

"I've never written any poetry in my life before, I'm just trying to make the point that you can do these things if you want but we are just trying to reach out to the community and build bridges.

"This is the second time burglars have broken in and it's just frustrating really."

Rev Drennan added that he doesn't expect the poem to make the burglars return the TVs but he would count it as a success if the thieves gave up their life of crime.

Rev Jack Drennan's poem

Dear Mr Robber

Don't break in

Just come in

If you are hungry

We will feed you

If you're lonely

We will love you

Every Sunday we give coffee

Regardless of your story

No need for doors to be broken

No need for anything to be stolen

Twice you forced your way in

Twice you have left us in a din

The things you took, the damage you did

Only worth a few quid.

When you sell them

Don't forget to tell them

The children, cannot enjoy them

because you took them

Thank you Mr Robber

It took no courage to break in

When you could have come in

Please return and join us

And spend an hour with us

Sunday morning is much better

through the door than by the pane

Thank you for your gift of jemmy, of torch and of pain

Thank you Mr Robber.

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