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Dazzling array of pictures chronicle the beasts of Belfast Zoo

By Linda Stewart

Published 19/10/2015

3rd prize Category A - cheetah by Terry Hanna
3rd prize Category A - cheetah by Terry Hanna
OVERALL WINNER and 1st prize Category A - Francois langurs by Terry Hanna
Hiighly commended Category C - Sumatran tiger by Bruce Marshall
Highly commended Category B - bronze turkey by Bruce Marshall
1st prize Category E - crowned pigeon by Fiona Beattie (age 14)
Highly commended Category F - child looking into a monkey enclosure by Wayne Gilmore
Highly commended Category D - Andean goose 'Ole! And that's how you finish a Paso Doble!' by Gemma Vennard
2nd prize Category C - Goodfellow's tree kangaroo by Raymond Hughes
3rd prize Category C - little egret by Phillip Hutton
2nd prize Category B - Lucy and Pixie the baby chimpanzees by Peter Morgan
1st prize Category C - Francois langur infant by Matthew Allen
Highly commended Category A - red titi infant by Mark Gillan
Highly commended Category B - Baako the Western lowland gorilla by Jude Rankin
Highly commended Category A - spot-necked otter by Joe Beattie
Highly commended Category C - white-nosed coati by Phillip Hutton
Highly commended Category E - Linne's two-toed sloth by Fiona Beattie (age 14)
1st prize Category D - African pygmy goat and black and white ruffed lemur 'No, this is definitely a lemur enclosure!' by Alan Dodridge
1st prize Category F - Ethan practicing his chimpanzee moves at Belfast Zoo by Deirdre Corrigan
1st prize Category B - Kabus and Kinabalu the Sumatran tigers by Bruce Marshall
2nd prize Category A - fossa by Joe Beattie
Highly commended Category B - Chilean flamingo flock by Aurimas Slavickis
Highly commended Category E - pied tamarin by Alexander Allen (age 12)
3rd prize Category C - little egret by Phillip Hutton
3rd prize Category B - Black and white Colobus monkey by Peter Morgan

Cheetahs, Colobus monkeys and crowned pigeons - these are some of the stunning images that caught the judges' eyes in Belfast Zoo's 32nd annual photographic competition.

The competition challenges budding and amateur photographers to creatively capture animals and scenes at the zoo.

And the winners were announced this weekend in a special awards ceremony in the elephant and giraffe house.

The overall winner was a strangely ethereal image of an adult Francois langur pictured with its infant. First place awards also went to Bruce Marshall for an image of two Sumatran tigers, Matthew Allen, who captured the Francois langur on film, and 14-year-old Fiona Beattie for her striking picture of a crowned pigeon.

Alan Dodridge won an award for a witty picture of an African pigmy goat facing off against a black and white ruffled lemur as both teetered on top of a fence, and Deirdre Corrigan won her category with a picture of a little boy, Ethan, practising his chimpanzee moves.

Zoo manager Mark Challis said there were more than 350 entries. "Even though the competition has been running for more than 30 years, we are always astounded by the quality and skill demonstrated each year," he said.

"It is also wonderful to see which subjects the photographers have chosen and the competition certainly highlights the beauty and diversity of the species that we care for.

"I would like to thank everyone who took part in the competition and also congratulate our winner and all entrants on their 'zooper' photographs."

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