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Delegates back bakery in gay cake storm but attack result of same-sex referendum

By Staff Reporter

Published 02/06/2015

Delegates at Church House for the installation of the new Presbyterian Moderator, Dr Ian McNie, last night were overwhelmingly supportive of Ashers Bakery, recently found to have discriminated against a gay man for refusing to bake a cake with a slogan supporting same-sex marriage.

And they were generally critical of the Yes result in the referendum on same-sex marriage in the Irish Republic.

Tom Reid from Clogherney in Co Tyrone, said: "The Presbyterian Church extends all over Ireland and I am not sure how our Ministers in the Republic will deal with the Yes vote. I think that they are going to have difficulty in handling this."

Paul Symonds from Belfast said: "I was not surprised by the result of the referendum - but we should realise that what is legally permissive is not necessarily morally right."

George Hampton from east Belfast said: "A great many people support Ashers, and I think that they are right to appeal. Though I am disappointed at the result of the referendum in the Republic, you cannot expect non-Christians to have the same views as Christians."

Rosaleen Ramsey from Ballymoney said: "I am sad for Ashers, though I am undecided about the appeal."

Husband John said: "If you are in business you cannot be expected to leave your religious views at home when you walk out the front door."

Mark Moody from Ballymena, a young steward at the Assembly, said: "The Ashers verdict was not correct. I think that they are right to appeal, and I would like to see a fairer verdict. It's not right that people should be forced to give a service they do not agree with."

Fellow steward Ben Hegan from Limavady said: "On the same-sex referendum, I can see how many people in society can accept homosexuality, but we accept the teaching of the Bible that it is wrong."

Alan Bell of Greenisland said: "I am delighted that Ashers are going to appeal, and whatever the final verdict might be, I know in the end God's will must prevail."

Carrie Barkley from Belfast said: "Ashers are a very fine company and I disagree with all those who oppose them."

Alan Meban, a blogger from Belfast, said: "The Ashers case is very important, and I am glad that it is being brought to a higher court for a decision."

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