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Education Minister didn't sit exam

By Rebecca Black

Education Minister John O'Dowd has admitted that he never sat any A-levels.

Speaking yesterday as thousands of students across Northern Ireland received their results, the senior Sinn Fein politician said A-levels were "not an option for him at that time".

However, he has not ruled out sitting A-levels in the future.

Mr O'Dowd said when he was younger he sat a "number of O-levels and GCSEs".

"I did OK. I got a number of As in my O-levels and then I did particularly well in a number of GCSEs," he told the BBC's Stephen Nolan Show.

"That was a chapter in my life. That was then in my life.

"If I had the choice to do it again, and perhaps in terms of a wide range of issues in my life were different, then I may have decided to do A-levels.

"I may go back even in terms of academic studies in the future, because those options are now open to adults at this stage."

Mr O'Dowd is known to have trained as a chef as a young man before entering politics as a councillor in Craigavon and in 2003 being elected to the Assembly. He became Education Minister in 2011.

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