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Hazel Stewart verdict 'no cause for celebration'

Published 02/03/2011

Hazel Stewart
Hazel Stewart
Hazel Stewart has been found guilty of murdering her policeman husband and her lover's wife
Cliff Terrace in Castlerock, known as the 12 Apostles, where the bodies of Trevor Buchanan and Lesley Howell were found
The late Lesley Howell, who was murdered in 1991 by her husband Colin Howell.
Colin Howell on holiday.
Colin Howell
Seperated by only a few yards, the grave of former RUC man Trevor Buchanan in Coleraine Cemetary that along with nearby Elizabeth Howell's grave (top middle of picture)
Trevor Buchanan
The spot in Castlerock where the bodies of Trevor Buchanan and Lesley Howell were discovered after they were murdered by dentist Colin Howell
Hazel Stewart hiding behind family members
Lesley Howell
Colin Howell
The former home of dentist Colin Howell on The Glebe Road. June 2009
Killer dentist Colin Howell
Colin Howell holiday in Jordan
A lake on land owned by Colin Howell, near Castlerock Co. Londonderry, was searched by police

The conviction of Hazel Stewart for murdering her husband brings no sense of victory or celebration, his brother said tonight.

Trevor Buchanan's brother Gordon said relatives had been in mourning since his death in 1991 and nothing would bring him or Colin Howell's wife Lesley back.

"While there is immense satisfaction that justice for Trevor has finally been achieved, there is no sense of victory and no cause for celebration as nothing can bring Trevor and Lesley back to us and all families connected to this matter have been grievously impacted.

"But the Buchanan family will strive to get through this. We owe that much to Trevor, it is his memory and our love for him that will sustain us and stay with us forever."

He said it was a day of mixed emotions.

He added: "Our thoughts are first and foremost with Trevor, who was brutally taken from us in 1991.

"We think too of Lesley Howell, who was also murdered and along with Trevor became a victim of a prolonged conspiracy to cover up what happened to two young people who were caring and loving towards their families and are deeply missed by everyone.

"The Buchanan family has been in mourning since Trevor's death in 1991 and our grief and sadness has been accentuated by the shock of knowing how they died."

The statement on behalf of all the family thanked police and lawyers for showing the highest standards of professionalism, as well as everybody else who supported them.

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