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Lorry driver who killed teen in road crash jailed

A lorry driver who admitted killing a teenage girl by dangerous driving has been jailed for 33 months.

Mark John Boyd pleaded guilty to causing the death of 18-year-old Erin Eagleson by driving dangerously on the New Line between Carrick and Ballynure on July 5 2009.

The 33-year-old, from St Aubyn Street in Belfast, also pleaded guilty to a further charge of causing grievous bodily injury to Ms Eagleson's boyfriend Gary White, also by dangerous driving.

Ms Eagleson was killed after the car Mr White was driving collided with Boyd's seven-ton lorry, which had veered onto the wrong side of the road.

Mr White told police Boyd had not been looking at the road but was looking down towards the floor of his vehicle.

He said he flashed his lights and blared his horn but to no avail.

Mr White said he swerved to his right and the lorry hit the passenger's side of his car.

Boyd initially told police he couldn't remember anything about the collision. Later, however, he claimed that Mr White had been on the wrong side of the road.

Judge Tom Burgess said Mr White was totally blameless and had to live under a cloud for 20 months until Boyd pleaded guilty to the charges.

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