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Tuesday 6 October 2015

Man 'stabbed at door as girlfriend hid behind it'

Published 13/01/2012

A woman hid in fear behind a door as her boyfriend allegedly stabbed at it with a knife, the High Court heard.

Mark Hillis is accused of forcing his way into her home last week following a series of threatening texts and phone calls.

At one stage he is alleged to have told her he was coming round to murder somebody and did not care if he went to jail, the prosecution said.

Hillis (25), of Victoria Road, Bangor, faces charges of aggravated burglary with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, criminal damage, possession of an offensive weapon and common assault. He was refused bail due to the risk of any further offences being committed.

It was claimed that Hillis went to the home of his girlfriend of three months at Shackleton Walk, Newtownards, late on January 6.

Hillis denies the charges and claims he took the knife from her kitchen, rather than arriving with it. The court was told he could be released to stay in Bangor, with no need for him to be near the alleged victim's address.

But Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan refused to grant bail after citing the associated risks.

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