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Margaret Thatcher death celebrations T-shirt pulled from Sein Fein website

Ulster Unionist Party leader Tom Elliott has welcomed the removal of a T-shirt from Sinn Fein’s online shop depicting people celebrating the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

The MLA said: “Regardless of what you think of Margaret Thatcher’s politics, it is classless to suggest that her death is something that should be celebrated.”

The t-shirt depicts silhouetted figures celebrating beside Lady Thatcher's headstone. The text on the headstone read "Margaret Thatcher: Tyrant and Murderer". Beside the "revelers" is a sign reading "Dancers please form an orderly queue".

According to reports on the tagline which went along with the t-shirt read "It can’t be long now! Get ready for the big day."

The former prime minister has been the target of animosity in republican circles since the IRA hunger strikes in 1981.

LadyThatcher, nicknamed "The Iron Lady", refused political concession to the republican inmates.

The 85-year-old former politician has been retired from public life for many years. She has suffered from a series of small strokes and her memory is also failing, according to her daughter Carol.

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