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Nelson McCausland: 'Jesus would be at risk of prosecution under the same law being used against Pastor James McConnell'

By Sara Neill

Published 25/06/2015

Nelson McCausland
Nelson McCausland

Jesus would be at risk of prosecution under the same law being used against Pastor James McConnell, according to a leading DUP politician.

Writing in today's Belfast Telegraph, Nelson McCausland MLA hit out at the Director of Public Prosecution Barra McGrory for a decision to prosecute the controversial firebrand preacher.

In a sermon at the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle in north Belfast, Pastor McConnell described Islam as heathen and Satanic, "a doctrine spawned in Hell".

But the sermon was also broadcast over the internet, and the 78-year-old preacher has been charged under the 2003 Communications Act. Pastor McConnell was offered an informed warning, but following his refusal to accept that, the Public Prosecution Service is set to bring the pensioner to court.

Mr McCausland has slammed the decision as the latest in a series of incidents persecuting Christians. He said words such as heathen and Satanic are "not uncommon in Christian literature and communication".

"Even more important and significant is the fact that Jesus Christ himself used such language during his Earthly ministry. He denounced false teachers and false teaching in what many today would regard as very strong language and, in John 8:44, 45, he said to some of his hearers: 'Ye are of your father the devil'."

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