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NIE appears powerless to stop bird fouling from overhead lines

Residents in the Co Antrim village of Ahoghill have complained to Northern Ireland Electricity about being bombarded by bird droppings from power lines.

NIE officials have met with local people, along with North Antrim MLA Jim Allister and councillor Roy Gillespie, but it was heard getting a solution that suits all is problematic.

NIE's customer relations manager in the Ballymena area, Natasha McGee, was at the meeting and said that in built-up areas they are mindful that if they put in deterrents at one property, it may only move the problem on to adjacent homes.

She said NIE has tried many things to stop birds fouling from its lines including: playing bird distress signals; fake birds of prey; specialist fireworks, and the fitting of plastic hairbrush rollers.

The NIE representative said: “The most common type of deterrent we trialled was the rollers, which in themselves have proved restrictive; they can only be fitted on a portion of the line and in most circumstances will pass the issue to adjacent neighbours.

“As we have many similar circumstances in urbanised areas, it is important we maintain a fair and consistent approach.”

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