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Occupy Belfast protesters carry on camping at St Anne's Cathedral

By Laura McGarrity

They have been encamped for more than four weeks and insist they are going nowhere.

Since October 21, Writers’ Square, opposite St Anne's Cathedral in Belfast city centre, has played host to the protesters.

Inspired by New York’s Occupy Wall Street movement, Occupy Belfast’s protesters want an end to economic inequality, unemployment, debt and corruption in the financial sector.

The protesters claim, in the current economic crisis, that 99% of people are suffering while one per cent are being bailed out.

They see this as a real chance to be involved in a worldwide movement that can spark real change.

Galway woman Stiofinin Furlong (20), an Occupy Belfast organiser, said: “I just couldn't do nothing, our accident and emergency departments are shutting, university fees are going up, we are paying for the mistakes of the banks.”

At the side of Writers’ Square 17 tents, two gazebos and a few log burners make up the camp.

In contrast to claims of heavy-handedness in New York, and legal threats in London, the Belfast contingent seem to be having an untroubled time.

Ms Furlong said: “All of the food, heaters, firewood, everything, has been donated by the people of Belfast and without them we wouldn't be here.”

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