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Parade protest charges dismissed

Charges have been dismissed against a woman being prosecuted over a sit-down protest at a disputed Orange Order parade in north Belfast.

Lawyers for Jacqueline McAfee successfully sought to have the case against her thrown out because she could not be identified in footage of the scene.

The 51-year-old, of Kansas Avenue Flats, Antrim Road, Belfast, had faced charges of obstructing lawful activity in a public place and resisting police.

She was among 29 people to face prosecution in connection with a protest at a Twelfth of July march at Ardoyne in 2010.

Ms McAfee's barrister, Sean O'Hare, applied to have the case dismissed on the basis that her identification could not be proven.

Video footage was played in court, with those involved heard to chant “peaceful protest” at riot squad officers. Police witnesses were also asked to attempt to identify alleged participants from photographs before the case was halted.

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