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PM challenged over winter heating

The Prime Minister has been challenged to help householders keep warm this winter.

Democratic Unionist Party MP Nigel Dodds said the Government was not doing enough on the winter fuel allowance.

At Prime Minister's questions he said: "People in my constituency and right across the country are desperately worried about the increasing costs of gas and electricity and how they are going to keep their homes warm this winter.

"What can you tell the country to try to help people in this situation and, in particular, will you reverse the cuts to winter fuel allowance which hit senior citizens.

"You say you are following the plans left by the opposition but you have done so many things differently why are you not going to do something different on the winter fuel allowance?"

However, David Cameron said: "On the winter fuel allowance we have stuck to the plans that were put out by the last government and I think that is the right thing to do.

"On the cold weather payment we have actually taken the increase in cold weather payment that was meant for one year and we are maintaining that so if there is a cold winter people will be getting that help.

"The other steps we are taking is making sure that energy companies give people proper information about the lowest tariffs they can get, giving proper reform of the energy market something the party opposite have now suddenly started to talk about but did absolutely nothing about in Government."


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