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Prison for Derry shoplifter who spat blood at in police officers' faces

A shoplifter who spat blood into the faces of police officers after he was arrested for stealing almost £500 of goods from a Tesco store has been jailed for six months.

David McCloskey (22), from Nicholson Square in Londonderry, admitted stealing the goods from the city’s Strand Road store after he'd removed their price tags.

He also admitted causing criminal damage to the store's staff room by smashing a table and chairs after he was detained by security staff.

A prosecution solicitor told District Judge Barney McElholm at the city’s Magistrates Court that after he was arrested McCloskey struggled with the security staff.

When the police arrived he became involved in a struggle with them.

“During the struggle he sustained a cut lip and he continued to spit blood into the faces of the officers.

“They had to put a mask over his face to stop him from spitting at them further,” the solicitor said.

McCloskey committed the offences on September 14.

Two months earlier he stole two mobile phones and a phone charger from two phone shops but he was caught trying to sell them in a local cash for goods outlet.

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