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Rapist returned to prison to serve out remainder of his 10-year sentence

A convicted rapist has had his parole licence revoked and been sent back to jail.

Craig Morgan (30) was not in Belfast Crown Court to hear Judge David McFarland make the order. He will be in jail until April.

Morgan had appeared in court last Saturday when he had to be physically restrained in the dock after he began kicking shatterproof glass. His enraged outburst came after district judge Bernadette Kelly began to say she would adjourn Morgan's bail application so a suitable address could be found.

Morgan, originally from Taughmonagh, but now with an address at St John's Close, was in court last Saturday on foot of an arrest warrant and a charge of causing criminal damage to a police car on September 21 this year.

Solicitor Emmanuel Morgan said the confusion and Morgan's frustration arose because police officers took him to a certain hostel on Thursday, but arrested him the next day for an alleged breach of his probation conditions.

Yesterday Judge McFarland said that as no suitable address could be found his “only option” was to revoke his licence.

In June 2004 the judge jailed Morgan for 10 years for raping a student at the King’s Hall the year before.

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