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Sisters in Antrim sea rescue of boy and his dad

Sisters enjoying a day trip to the north Antrim coast found themselves involved in a dramatic rescue in the waters at Whitepark Bay.

Hayley and Laura Sherwin, from Glengormley, were paddling on the shoreline at 5.30pm yesterday when they saw a man and his son in difficulty.

The teenage boy had been body-boarding in an area known for strong and unpredictable tides, when he felt he was being dragged out to sea.

The sisters swam out to assist the pair. “It was a natural instinct for us to do what we did,” Hayley said.

“We are both strong swimmers and felt we had to do something to help, and we felt that we weren’t putting our own lives at risk.”

The Coastguard was called and all four were picked up by a passing boat, the Orcha.

A RNLI spokesman told the Belfast Telegraph: “Ambulance staff were waiting on the beach to check them over. Thankfully everyone was okay.”

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