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Vow to get tough on fly-posting and graffiti

By Brendan McDaid

Graffiti artists and fly posters could find themselves in court, a council has vowed.

A Limavady Borough Council spokeswoman said the graffiti and fly-posting were “unsightly and may contribute to an overall fear of crime”.

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2011 recently gave councils more power and responsibility over a raft of issues.

Councils can serve a fixed penalty notice of up to £75 upon anyone observed carrying out fly posting or drawing graffiti.

The council has also warned that it may now instigate legal proceedings against any business, event or premises being advertised on illegal posters.

The maximum fine for this offence is £2,500.

This notice states that after two days from service of the notice, the council may remove relevant posters from any area and claim costs for carrying out this work from the business.

The borough spokeswoman added: “We are asking for co-operation from business proprietors that may have used posters in the past to cease using them and help improve the image of the borough.”

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