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Weather: Northern Ireland basks in glorious June sunshine

By Sara Neill

Summer has finally arrived... just don't get too used to the sun.

As the mercury tipped 19C yesterday, blue skies and a light breeze brought the first summery day of June.

But while the shorts and summer dresses may have been dug out of the wardrobe, there is a warning not to get rid of the woolly jumpers just yet.

Hopes were high in April when it looked like the good weather was just beginning.

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Since then the country has been plagued with hailstorms and torrential rain, prompting homeowners to turn up the heating.

At the first glimpse of this week's good weather, beaches along the coast were host to children making sandcastles and dogs cooling off in the water.

At Seapark, Catherine Stevenson built sandcastles with Amy (1) and three-year-old Alex.

She said: "After all the rain, this weather's lovely. I work Monday and Tuesday, so we're going to make the most of the next couple of days. I hope we'll have a good summer. We're not asking for too much."

Others took advantage of the warmer climes by enjoying lunch outside.

Kate Allen said: "We've come out for a picnic because the weather's so nice. I think this is our summer, but hopefully we'll get more weeks of sunshine."

The heat came just in time for Slawek Lewndowski as he enjoyed a day out with his family.

Slawek said: "We want to spend some quality time together. I've got a couple of days off work and hopefully the weather will stay this way."

There were sunbathers galore at Helen's Bay and Naomi King picked the beach over the high street.

She said: "We were going to go shopping, but we thought the weather was too nice for that. This is so close, it'd be rude not too."

Temperatures could peak at 20C in places today making it the warmest it has been in Northern Ireland since April.

While the rain will stay away on Friday, clouds will return for this weekend.

John Wylie from the Met Office said: "This fine weather interlude probably will not last into the weekend. Temperatures could be back down to as cold as 13C again."

The weather expert says there is an "outside chance" of a few showers this weekend, but the rest of the month looks drier than normal for this time of year.

Summer does not properly begin until the solstice on June 21, and forecasters say it is not yet clear if it will be a dry one, or a washout.

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