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World is safer without bin Laden, says First Minister Peter Robinson

By Noel McAdam

The world is a safer place without Osama bin Laden, First Minister Peter Robinson has said.

But, in a statement, the DUP leader also warned there is a “long way to go” to ensure the safety of UK citizens

Mr Robinson said: “I congratulate the US special forces involved in the tracking down and killing of Osama bin Laden: the architect of the September 11 terrorist atrocity and other |instances of mass murder elsewhere in the world.

“Al-Qaida has been dealt a blow by this action, but that doesn’t mean that we can be lax about national security or protecting our borders.

“Our world is a safer place with bin Laden gone, but there is still a long way to go in ensuring the safety of the United Kingdom and our citizens. That is where the bravery and dedication of our troops stands in such sharp contrast to the terrorists led by bin Laden.”

Meanwhile, the TUV produced a Northern Ireland comparison to make a political point.

Welcoming the news, TUV Upper Bann Assembly candidate David Vance said: “It is good to see a terrorist godfather made to pay for his crimes. We in Northern Ireland understand the evil of terrorism more than most places in the world.

“Here, however, those who engaged in such actions have been elevated to the highest offices in the land rather than hunted down and made to pay.

“TUV looks forward to offering those who oppose terror a chance to register their opposition on Thursday and vote for a truly democratic future.”

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