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Zombies invade south

A small independent film company is hoping to bring a little bit of horror to south Belfast while making a zombie feature.

Deadville is an old-school zombie film set in Belfast, filmed in the Rosetta and Knockbreda areas. The company behind it, Fastville Productions, is the brainchild of Alex Devant and Kieran Majury, who set the company up after leaving university two years ago.

Alex said: “We became friends because we have the same tastes and ideas about film making. Since setting the company up we've produced a couple of short films, music videos for local bands and a music DVD.”

Their latest film centres on a zombie virus unleashed on Belfast, as the central characters search for a cure. As well as the usual blood and guts of the genre it also deals with the psychological relationships between people faced with the horror of a zombie invasion. The film's budget is £600, with the company already having all the equipment themselves, purchased and self-financed through part-time jobs.

“The cast and crew are made up of people we met in university who we could trust and who want to be involved in film,” Alex said. “They also have to be willing to work for free.”

Everyone involved has an education in making films, after studying drama or film studies.

The pair have also had to call in favours from friends and family, managing to exploit this to transform scout halls in Rosetta and Knockbreda into film sets, and filming in a cinema.

“Kieran wrote the script around what we thought would be available to us in terms of resources. We've scavenged all sorts of things to build the sets,” said Alex.

The company hope to have completed the film by December and plan to submit the 80 minute feature to a number of independent horror film festivals in the coming year.

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