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Wednesday 2 December 2015

‘One-man crimewave’ in Belfast's Shankill Road

Published 24/08/2009

The teenager blamed for burglaries
The teenager blamed for burglaries

A 16-year-old boy, who has family connections to the UVF, is being blamed for carrying out a series of burglaries on the Shankill Road.

Described as a ‘one man crimewave’ by locals, the youth preys on vulnerable pensioners.

Within the past month he has been linked to break-ins and car thefts on Tennant Street and Acton Street, and the ransacking of a community hall on the Woodvale Road.

Frightened residents told Sunday Life that the out of control teen has old folks terrified.

“Every club on the Shankill Road has people mentioning this thug's name but still no one will come forward to the PSNI,” revealed one local.

On Monday, thieves broke into the Canmore Close home of disabled Shankill Road man Sam Spence and stole his life savings.

The wheelchair user lost £1,500, which he had been saving to take his family on holiday to Wales.

It would have been Sam's first holiday in 11 years.

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