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Talks held on proposal to fly Irish tricolour at Stormont

By Noel McAdam

Published 30/04/2012

The body which runs the Assembly has held its first meeting to discuss proposals which include the possibility of flying the Irish tricolour at Stormont.

The initial session heard a presentation on the issue, but an Assembly spokeswoman said that no details were being made public for now.

As revealed in the Belfast Telegraph earlier this month, the five-strong commission, chaired by Speaker William Hay, agreed to discuss the tricolour controversy for the first time.

The five Assembly Commission members — Peter Weir for the DUP, Barry McElduff of Sinn Fein, Ulster Unionist Leslie Cree, the SDLP’s Pat Ramsey and Alliance’s Judith Cochrane — usually attempt to reach a consensus rather than vote.

SDLP and Sinn Fein are in support of the motion, but even were it forced to a division and Alliance were to support nationalists, the weighted vote mechanism would mean that unionists would carry the day.

Ms Cochrane told the Telegraph: “We support the current policy of just the union flag being flown on designated days.”

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