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Protest at McGuinness's house sparks row in street

By Will Ellison

Published 21/09/2007

Victims' campaigner Willie Frazer was yesterday confronted by neighbours as he picketed Martin McGuinness's home on the edge of the Bogside in Londonderry.

Mr Frazer and two other men, whose appearance around 12.35pm stunned the Deputy First Minister's neighbours in Londonderry, also said he would picket the house of the First Minister, Ian Paisley, shortly to demand support for moves to make Libya compensate relatives of people killed by the IRA.

Residents verbally abused the trio as Mr Frazer tried to post a letter at Mr McGuinness's home.

Two police officers watched from a distance as the drama unfolded. Mr Frazer and his companions stayed for 15 minutes.

Mr Frazer said the picket came after letters to the Ministers' office went unanswered.

The Families Acting for Innocent Relatives campaigner had written to both the First Minister and Deputy First Minister looking for support in a compensation action against Libya.

Libya helped supply the IRA with guns and explosives and Mr Frazer believes it should compensate victims' relatives for their loss.

Mr Frazer said: "The only reason we're here is because Martin McGuinness hasn't the guts to meet us.

"Libya has settled with other victims but he wouldn't reply and he is in charge of victims with Gerry Kelly.

"When there was no reply from the Deputy First Minister we asked for a meeting with Dr Paisley and Mr McGuinness and there was no reply to that."

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