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Bree's broadside at Labour party

A former Labour TD has attacked the party while announcing he will stand on a United Left Alliance ticket in the General Election.

Declan Bree, who is contesting the Sligo/Leitrim constituency, left Labour in 2007 in a falling out over its electoral pact with Fine Gael.

A former Mayor of Sligo, Mr Bree is the third ex-TD to stand under the left-wing umbrella group, along with Joe Higgins in Dublin West and Seamus Healy in Tipperary South.

Launching a broadside at his former Labour party colleagues, Mr Bree insisted the United Left Alliance was the real alternative to the mainstream policies of cutbacks and austerity.

"The main opposition parties, Fine Gael and Labour, can only offer more of the same tired, old-style, crony-type politics," he said.

Mr Bree will stand as an Independent and member of the United Left Alliance.

The alliance has 20 candidates running in 19 constituencies.


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