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Failte Ireland's royal ad causes 'storm in china teacup'

By Ailish O'Hora

The British embassy yesterday took a radio advertising mistake which downgraded Queen Elizabeth II to princess status in its stride.

The Republic's tourism body Failte Ireland issued promotional tapes to radio stations last week referring to the queen as "Her Royal Highness" rather than "Her Majesty".

"These things happen. It's been rectified and that's great," an embassy spokesman said yesterday

When the mistake was revealed Failte Ireland immediately reissued the tapes with the monarch's correct title. The incorrect ad had already aired on RTE's 'Morning Ireland' programme.

The mistake also appeared on the Discover Ireland website, which read: "HRH Queen Elizabeth II will make an official visit to Ireland."

Failte Ireland spokesman Alex Connolly described the issue as a "storm in a china teacup which was rectified quickly".

"The queen's visit will give great exposure to this country in the UK, our biggest tourism market. You could not buy this kind of visit," he added.

The HRH title has caused controversy for the royal family in the past. When Prince Charles and the Princess of Wales divorced in 1996, Diana was not allowed to retain the title.

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