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Few foreign reporters at poll count

Foreign voices were thin on the ground in the media area at the Dublin count centre this year.

In stark contrast to previous European polls like those on the Lisbon Treaty or the visit of the Queen to Dublin last year, the media were mainly homegrown.

Spanish national radio's UK and Ireland correspondent Inigo Picabea was one of those who travelled and said there was keen interest from home because of the economic difficulties facing both countries.

"Since the bailout of Ireland, it has been in the news and now our crisis is getting everyday coverage so there is interest in the effect of the bailout and news about the euro."

He said there was a lot of anger in Spain, but not on the same scale as Greece.

Norway is one of few Western European countries not to be in the EU.

A reporter from there took the opportunity to tackle Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams about his failure to win the Nobel Peace Prize, awarded in Oslo every year, for his role in the Northern Ireland peace process. He also asked whether he had ambitions to become Taoiseach.

"I am not one for prizes or accolades," he said.


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