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Ganley: Yes vote was sign of trust

Europe must now repay Ireland's trust in political leaders to deliver the country from crippling bank debts, Libertas founder and No campaigner Declan Ganley has said.

The businessman said a Yes vote in the referendum on the fiscal stability treaty was an expression of trust in government to deal with the chronic insolvency that is killing the economy.

"This was the only democratic exercise on this particular treaty to be carried out in Europe," he added.

"The majority of the electorate here have expressed trust and faith in our partners in Europe to do the right thing by us with regard to this bank debt."

Arriving at Dublin Castle national count centre, Mr Ganley said the Irish people can no longer be treated as "patsies" picking up the bills of private banks who refuse to pay their own debts.

Asked why the No campaign faltered, he simply responded: "Not enough votes."

Mr Ganley said it was "way too early" to say if he would run again for elected office under his Libertas banner, which he recently rebranded as a think-tank.

"I wouldn't rule it out either," he added. "It's going to be a long hot summer in European markets, and a lot is going to happen."

Damning Enda Kenny with faint praise, he congratulated the Taoiseach on a successful strategy of not debating opponents.

"If you can't win a debate, don't have it," he said.


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