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Irish bread-makers in court battle

Bread wars broke out in the Irish courts yesterday with claims that bakers Brennans set out to intentionally confuse customers of rival McCambridge's with a brown bread loaf.

They did so by deliberately copying the packaging of a well-established McCambridge brown bread product, Dublin's Commercial Court was told.

Michael McCambridge, chairman of McCambridge's Ltd, made the claim at the opening of proceedings, alleging "passing off" by Brennans in the packaging of a stone-ground wholewheat bread product.

Mr Justice Michael Peart was shown an array of brown bread made by McCambridge's, Brennans and other companies, most in resealable, clear packaging.

Mr McCambridge said his concern was that people who normally bought McCambridge's would be confused by the Brennans packaging and buy the rival product by mistake. He was also concerned new customers would choose the Brennans product thinking it was McCambridge's.

McCambridge's Ltd claims Brennans infringed its copyright in its packaging and is "passing off" bread as that manufactured by McCambridge's.

Brennans denies the claims.

They contended its packaging was sufficiently distinctive from the McCambridge's product.

The case continues.

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