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Politician attacked in IBM jobs row

Technology giant IBM has attacked a senior Opposition politician in a row over the loss of up to 190 jobs at one of its Dublin plants.

The multinational confirmed workers at Mulhuddart were in redundancy consultations as a result of its shifting server manufacturing to China.

But a spokesman accused Fine Gael energy spokesman Leo Varadkar of political posturing over the lay-offs after he said it would devastate his Dublin West constituency.

"He is being unfair and inaccurate," said the IBM spokesman.

"It's political manoeuvring really from someone who has never visited the IBM technology campus."

Mr Varadkar said it was bizarre the company would "pick a fight" with him at a time when so many jobs were on the line.

"I think they should be concentrating on ensuring they have a good package in place for employees rather than trying to pick a fight with a politician," he said.

"I'm a bit surprised."

Mr Varadkar said Dublin had already suffered massively from IBM job losses and flagged up the multinational's low tax rates and Government grants.

But an IBM spokesman said it would retain a number of the staff affected and was also recruiting employees in other areas such as software and services.


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