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Second day for airport taxi strike

A taxi strike at Dublin Airport is in its second day as authorities returned 30 out of 70 parking spaces cut from a drivers' overflow area.

Passengers arriving back from holidays and tourists from short and long-haul flights are being directed on to buses and rental cars for onward journeys.

A spokesman for the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) urged taxi chiefs to call off the sudden stoppage on Thursday.

"We would urge the drivers to resume services," he said. "We remain amenable to talks. Extra staff are on the ground since yesterday afternoon directing passengers to alternative modes of transport. Express buses into the city are putting on extra services."

Talks are planned between the DAA and taxi drivers' representatives from the Irish Taxi Drivers Federation on Friday. Informal contacts are also taking place to try to reach a settlement.

The row centres on access to an overflow area for drivers awaiting access to ranks. Some 1,500 drivers are licensed to pick up fares in the airport and there have been 600 spaces at the airport for drivers since 2010 when terminal 2 was developed.

When the 70 spaces in the holding bay where cut from taxi use by the DAA, drivers parked on roads and were given tickets by gardai. It is understood those fines have been rescinded.

The DAA said they removed the spaces as they needed them for commercial use.

There are about 75 spaces on ranks at the two terminals and an automatic system to call drivers forward to fill spaces and collect fares.

Drivers have said they are keen for an automatic system to call one driver to a rank at a time to ensure they secure trade based on how long they have been waiting in the airport.


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