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2015 hottest year since records began

By Emily Beament

Published 21/01/2016

Last year was the hottest on record, the Met Office has confirmed.

The global average was 0.75C above the long-term average for 1961 to 1990, and the mean temperature was 1C above pre-industrial levels, putting the world already halfway to the 2C limit to which countries have agreed to curb temperature rises.

Peter Stott of the Met Office said: "The year's average global temperature was the highest ever recorded."

Professor Phil Jones from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit added: "It is clear that human influence is driving our climate into uncharted territory."

Predictions suggest this year will set a new record, with the global average expected to be 0.72C-0.95C above the long-term average of 14C.

Nasa Goddard Institute for Space Studies director Gavin Schmidt said: "It is the cumulative effect of the long-term trend that has resulted in this record warming."

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