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Ash cloud 'to clear UK by morning'

Published 24/05/2011

Passengers wait with their luggage at Glasgow Airport (PA)
Passengers wait with their luggage at Glasgow Airport (PA)
Smoke plumes from the Grimsvotn volcano rise above Iceland (AP)
A Nasa satellite image shows the plume of dense ash from the Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland (AP/Nasa)
Vehicles in Iceland are covered in ash from a volcano (AP)
British Airways cancelled flights between London and Scotland
Grimsvotn is Iceland's most active volcano (AP)
Smoke plumes from the Grimsvotn volcano, which has erupted for the first time since 2004 (AP)

The Icelandic ash cloud which has caused air travel chaos is expected to clear by early on Wednesday morning, air traffic control company Nats said.

The volcanic ash, which came as a result of the recent eruption of Grimsvotn in Iceland, is predicted to clear UK airspace by 1am, a spokesman said.

Dozens of flights to and from Scotland and Newcastle were cancelled on Tuesday but Transport Secretary Philip Hammond held out hope that the worst was over for air passengers.

A statement on the Nats website read: "Latest information from the Met Office shows that following the recent eruption of Grimsvotn in Iceland, no volcanic ash is currently predicted in airspace over the UK from 0100 UK time on Wednesday May 25."

But the company advised passengers to continue checking airline updates before travelling.

A spokesman for the Met Office added: "The ash is predicted to clear northern parts of the UK by early Wednesday'".

Earlier on Tuesday afternoon, Nats suggested that high-density levels of ash would not spread further south than northern England.

British Airways, Flybe, easyJet, bmi and Aer Lingus were among carriers who had to axe services on Tuesday and at least 250 flights were cancelled throughout Europe.

Air services were affected in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Barra, Prestwick, Cumbernauld, Tiree, Carlisle and Durham Tees Valley airports.

Despite the better volcanic and weather forecast, one set of travellers was taking no chances. The Barcelona football team, due to take on Manchester United at Wembley in the Champions League final on Saturday, brought forward their journey to London from Thursday to Tuesday night.

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