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Belfast UK hotspot for 'just about managing' homes

By Brett Campbell

Belfast has been revealed as the JAM capital of the UK - with 68% of people claiming to be 'just about managing'.

Theresa May coined the phrase in her first speech as Prime Minister as she addressed those who are "just about managing" financially - and this was quickly abbreviated to JAMs.

The Northern Ireland figure is 8% higher than the UK average. The findings by also reveal that 5% of households in Belfast are not managing at all.

Manchester has the highest number of people not managing - 11%, which is more than double the UK average. Cardiff has the highest number of households running out of money part way through the month (49%), with 42% of Belfast households experiencing the same struggle.

The term has generally been used to refer to the working poor, but the new findings have complicated matters further. The study shows a shocking number of people barely getting by, might actually be 'home-made JAMs' - one in three households earning more than £70k, claims their money doesn't stretch for a month.

It is estimated that there are around 6m JAM households in the UK, with 44% of households running out of money on a regular basis.

Just over a quarter of that number rely on credit cards, and almost 10% of householders with depleted funds are opting instead to borrow from payday loan companies or dip their children's piggy banks. editor in chief Hannah Maundrell said: "It's fair to say no one ever feels they have 'enough' money but living life in the red is both distressing and soul destroying."

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