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Bishop backs legal action over camp

The Bishop of London has backed legal measures that could lead to anti-capitalist demonstrators being evicted from their camp outside St Paul's.

Dr Richard Chartres told a crowd of hundreds on the steps of the cathedral that "nobody wants to see violence" but that legal measures would be "prudent".

St Paul's and the City of London Corporation announced on Friday that they would try to gain separate High Court injunctions in order to evict members of the 200-tent Occupy London camp.

"I have spoken to the police and there is absolutely no use for a violent confrontation," he said.

"I do not think we are on the inevitable road to violence.

"Getting the legal situation clear is probably a sensible precautionary measure.

"We do not know what is going to happen, the camp could be taken over by people who are very different from the ones who are in charge at the moment.

"I think it is a prudent measure."

Dr Chartres spoke alongside the Dean of St Paul's, Reverend Graeme Knowles.

He said he had assurances from Rev Knowles that a controversially delayed St Paul's Institute report on business ethics in the City would be published, but he did not know when.


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