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Christopher Hitchens: I’m not ready to die

Published 26/11/2010

Archive photo of Christopher Hitchens
Archive photo of Christopher Hitchens
Christopher and Peter Hitchens
Both journalists, Peter went to the University of York where he studied politics while older brother Christopher went to Oxford. Peter believes in God while his brother is an atheist. The pair had a falling out when Peter wrote in The Spectator that Christopher had once joked that 'he didn't care if the Red Army watered its horses in Hendon'. Christopher denied this and cut off contact.
It was not until the birth of his nephew that they put their differences aside. In 2007 they both appeared as panellists on Question Time where they sparred over the invasion of Afghanistan and the existence of God. After the show Peter said he would avoid such debates with his brother in future. Peter has said 'There was nothing, however, peaceful about my relationship with Christopher. Some brothers get on; some do not. We were the sort that just didn't.'

Journalist and essayist Christopher Hitchens says he isn't ready to meet his maker because he does not want to betray family and friends who will miss him.

The English-American writer was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus in June.

The cancer has spread to his lymph nodes, and was possibly brought on by his “bohemian and rackety life”, the 61-year-old says in a pre-recorded interview on BBC2's Newsnight.

The interview will be broadcast on Newsnight this Monday at 7.30pm.

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