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Dossier on 'IS risk' teenage girls

Police have compiled a dossier of "intelligence" on a group of teenage girls from London thought to be at risk of travelling to areas controlled by the Islamic State group, a judge has heard.

Detail of the "running log" was given to Mr Justice Hayden by lawyers at the latest in a series of hearings relating to the girls in the Family Division of the High Court.

The judge has grounded a number of youngsters in recent weeks after concerns about the possibility of them heading to IS-controlled areas were raised by social workers and police.

He has made them wards of court, a move which bars them from travelling abroad without a judge's permission.

Teenagers who have been made wards of court include four girls from London who attend the same school - Bethnal Green Academy in Bethnal Green, east London - as three girls already thought to have fled to join IS.

Kadiza Sultana, Shamima Begum, and Amira Abase - who were all in their mid-teens - hit the headlines earlier this year after disappearing from their east London homes.

A barrister representing the Metropolitan Police in east London outlined evidence relating to the 39-page document at a court hearing in London yesterday.

The judge was told that the log contained several pages of intelligence on individual girls.

Mr Justice Hayden has heard evidence from police anti-terror specialists and from social workers during a series of court hearings.

The judge has ruled that youngsters involved in the litigation cannot be identified.


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