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Friday 4 September 2015

Drug driving set to be outlawed, PM confirms

By Sam Lister

Published 07/05/2012

David Cameron has confirmed the Government would outlaw drug driving in England and Wales as he praised the family of a schoolgirl killed by a cannabis user for their “brave” campaign to change the law.

Lillian Groves was 14 when she was knocked down and the driver went on to serve just four months in jail.

The Prime Minister said it “simply can't be right” that the laws were not in place to punish drug drivers properly.

Motorists under the influence of illegal substances can only be prosecuted if police can prove their driving has been impaired.

Mr Cameron said: “I found meeting Lillian Groves's family in Downing Street late last year incredibly moving.

“We want to do for drug driving what drink driving laws have done for driving under the influence of alcohol. And this week we'll publish a new drug driving offence so that driving under the influence of drugs itself is a crime.”

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