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Election day ahead: All that’s left to do is vote

Voters go to the polls as General Election day finally arrives.

Polling day

Polling stations across the land will open at 7am and close at 10pm (Isabel Infantes/PA)

D-day, crunch time, the final countdown. Call it what you will, the most important day of the 2017 General Election is upon us – polling day.

After a frantic day on Wednesday that saw party leaders race across the country from stump speeches to rallies, there is just one last task – to vote.

The party leaders are expected to cast their ballots in their respective constituencies. Polling stations across the land will open at 7am and close at 10pm before the count to decide Britain’s future begins.

What’s in the news?

Many of the papers issued a last-ditch bid to win over voters (Lauren Hurley/PA)

Strict rules dictate what can and cannot be reported in relation to the election until polls close on Thursday, however many of the papers issued a last-ditch bid to win over voters.

As expected, the Daily Mail, The Sun, and Express urge voters to keep Theresa May in No 10 to see out the Brexit negotiations.

The Daily Telegraph and The Times are a little more aloof, although both warn against voting for Jeremy Corbyn.

The Daily Mirror urges readers to vote Labour, while The Guardian criticises Mrs May for her handling of Brexit thus far.

Who’s saying what?

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says Jeremy Corbyn does not represent the Labour party (Owen Humphreys/PA)

“She has been shown up as tetchy and thin-skinned about criticism, weak and unstable under pressure, cowardly when faced with a challenge, and deceitful when it suits her political ends” – shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry on Mrs May.

“He (Corbyn) doesn’t really represent the Labour Party but the old London loony left that have piratically captured that party. Britain’s allies would be appalled to think of this man – with John McDonnell and Diane Abbott (ill or not) in charge of one of the world’s great powers” – Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.


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