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Mother's rail track demo over abuse

An angry mother stood in front of a passenger train in a desperate attempt to hit back at drunken football fans verbally abusing her.

Lisa Robinson, 41, of Ystrad Mynach, South Wales, was subjected to a barrage of drunken sexist chants by 30 Cardiff City football fans.

She was travelling home with husband Peter, 61, and their five-year-old son after celebrating his birthday in Cardiff on September 25.

Fans started by verbally abusing a woman who was standing on the platform at Lisvane station. When Mrs Robinson asked them to stop they turned their attention to her.

"Their chanting became directed at me and it became sexist and quite obscene until, by the time we got to Caerphilly, I pulled the red handle and stopped the train," she told BBC Wales TV news.

Mr Robinson then asked the train driver to call the police but the driver simply reset the emergency cord and restarted the journey.

The family were then forced to remain on the train to their home station while the verbal abuse continued unchecked. "My overwhelming emotion was one of anger and a sense of outrage at being so offended and being unable to do anything about it," Mrs Robinson said.

When the train arrived at Ystrad Mynach the couple again asked the train driver to call the police, but he refused.

"He was quite dismissive, to be honest. That was when I decided to slither down on to the tracks and stand in front of the train to stop it going any further." As a result the train was forced to terminate at the village station and the drunken fans were left to walk home.

British Transport Police (BTP) are now investigating after interviewing Mrs Robinson. "BTP officers attended Ystrad Mynach railway station after a report that a woman had been verbally abused by a group of football fans after she challenged their behaviour on board the train," a BTP spokesman said. "BTP does not tolerate anti-social behaviour of any nature on the railway network and will do everything it can to identify offenders and bring them to justice."

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