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Monday 31 August 2015

Police: No link found to Breivik

Published 27/07/2011

Anders Behring Breivik has admitted he was behind the bombing in Oslo and the gun rampage at Utoya Island (AP)
Anders Behring Breivik has admitted he was behind the bombing in Oslo and the gun rampage at Utoya Island (AP)
Stephen Lennon, leader of the EDL, said he does not condone Breivik's rampage
People mourn at the flower field laid in memory of victims of the twin attacks in Norway (AP)

There is no evidence of links between mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik and the English far-right, according to Norway's domestic intelligence chief.

Janne Kristiansen, director of the Norwegian Police Security Service, said no proof has yet been found to link the 32-year-old gunman to right-wing extremists in the UK.

It has been widely reported the man who admitted killing 76 people in twin attacks in Oslo and Utoya on Friday had made internet postings on British nationalist websites.

But Ms Kristiansen said: "I can tell you, at this moment in time, we don't have evidence or we don't have indications that he has been part of a broader movement or that he has been in connection with other cells or that there are other cells."

The intelligence chief told the BBC she did not believe the killer was insane, but calculating and evil, and someone who sought the limelight.

Meanwhile, the leader of the far-right English Defence League has described the man behind last week's atrocities in Norway as a "horrible monster", saying the group condemned his "disgusting" actions.

When asked about Anders Behring Breivik 's alleged links with the EDL, which have been scrutinised by the media, Stephen Lennon told ITV's Daybreak: "The media are cherry-picking what they want to fit their agenda and demonising our organisation.

"But there is a warning and what happened in Norway is a wake-up call. The fact that so many people are scared - people have to listen to that."

Mr Lennon, 28, added: "What happened in Oslo shows how desperate some people are becoming in Europe. It's a ticking time bomb. If they don't give that frustration and anger a platform as such and a voice - and a way of getting emotion out in a democratic way - it will create monsters like this lunatic."

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