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Tuesday 1 September 2015

Poundland staff put biscuits nibbled by mice back on sale

Published 22/06/2012

Biscuits bitten by mice were put back on shelves for sale to the public by members of staff at cut-price retailer Poundland.

Food inspectors were shocked to find mice urine and droppings inside boxes of chocolates on shelves and its contents showing the rodents’ teeth marks, leading to a £24,000 fine for Poundland which admitted a string of food hygiene offences at the shop which is now selling food again.

Following complaints by customers regarding Poundland’s shop in Croydon, South London, inspectors discovered that after mice got into a food storage area, staff resealed the affected boxes with sticky tape before putting them back on sale.

Prosecutor David McNeill revealed a dead mouse was also found under a shelf and that it was “obvious the shelves had not been cleaned for some time”, according to the Daily Mail.

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