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Rape accuser 'went out clubbing'

A woman who alleges Amy Winehouse's boyfriend twice raped her while she slept went out clubbing the next night, a court has been told.

The complainant, who has accused Reg Traviss, 35, of attacking her after she was so drunk she could not stand up, went out with friends on New Year's Eve last year.

The woman, a friend of the film director, told Southwark Crown Court: "I didn't want to be at home miserable thinking about it."

She alleges that Traviss, who was going out with the Back To Black singer when she died in July last year, raped her twice at his central London home in the early hours of December 31. The woman, who cannot be named, said she woke up to find Traviss raping her.

The jury of six men and six women have heard he stopped when told to and they then had a glass of wine on his sofa and talked before the complainant trusted him to go back to bed with her. She alleges she woke up a second time to find him raping her.

After saying she waited three months for an Aids test, she told the court: "When I woke up that afternoon I was confused and not sure if it was a dream or I had been raped. When I left I didn't want to ask Reg in case it came across really rude. It was only when I got home I thought about it again and realised what had happened."

Traviss, supported in court by his brother and friends, denies two counts of rape. Traviss's case is that the sex was consensual.

In the hours before the alleged attacks, the pair drank at three bars. The last bar they visited was Jet Black, owned by Traviss's brother. The complainant has said she was so drunk she had to prop, herself up on the bar and a taxi driver would not have taken her home. The jury was shown CCTV footage from Jet Black which showed the pair walking to the toilets at 3.02am. The alleged victim, in her 20s, giving evidence from behind a screen, agreed she could walk unaided then but asked what time she left the club and was told it was about 40 minutes after the CCTV footage.

When he was interviewed by police, Traviss described the allegations as "crazy". He said she "absolutely" had no objections and they "were in the driving seat 100% together".

Asked if he could think of a reason for her to invent the allegations, Traviss originally said he did not know and they had never fallen out. Pushed by the police, he said: "Hazarding a guess, if she wanted to sell her story and make money out of it, but she certainly doesn't strike me as that kind of person. I would never have thought she would." Asked by officers if she was the sort of person to sell a story, he answered: "She does always talk about money and says she has no money and is skint, regularly. I don't know if there's a money factor involved but her version of events is not how it happened."


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