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Slimmer runs up 17-stone reduction

Published 24/04/2012

Matthew Briggs, 29, from York, who used to weigh more than 31st, has shed more than half his body weight
Matthew Briggs, 29, from York, who used to weigh more than 31st, has shed more than half his body weight
There have been some big changes for Matthew Briggs, who has been crowned Slimming World's Greatest Loser 2012
Before and after for Slimming World's 'Greatest Loser'

An award-winning slimmer who once tipped the scales at more than 31 stone is planning to run marathons.

Matt Briggs, 29, has lost more than half his body weight in just over two years.

The phone shop manager from Strensall, York, changed his lifestyle after he was tagged on Facebook in an unflattering photograph. His stepmother June managed to get a rare snap of him with his father Peter on Christmas Day 2009.

Matt said after being named Slimming World's Greatest Loser 2012: "I joined Slimming World on January 20, 2010 and I've lost 17 stone, seven and a half pounds since then. I'm nearly down to my target weight of 13 and a half stone so am looking for new challenges and thinking about doing the London or New York marathon, or maybe both of them."

He has already cycled 50km for charity and climbed Ben Nevis with friends.

Asked to explain his success in losing weight, he said: "You have to address your relationship with food. I had tried to diet before but that didn't work for me. I lost weight by eating healthily. I eat three meals a day - before, I was skipping meals such as breakfast and lunch.

"Breakfast used to be a mocha coffee with whipped cream and four sugars, while lunch might be a pasty, or crisps, or chocolate. And in the evening I might have a two for one pizza, a tub of ice cream and two litres of normal Coke.

"Now I have two Weetabix for breakfast, while lunch is something healthy I've prepared the night before, and in the evening there's plenty of Slimming World recipes to choose from. I've rediscovered my love of cooking and I don't fear putting on weight again."

In addition to running a store for the company 3 in Harrogate, he keeps himself busy running his own Slimming World groups at Strensall Village Hall and York RI Sports Social Club in Holgate.

His weight has fallen from 31 stone, three and a half pounds to 13 stone, 10 pounds, and his waist size is down from 56 to 32 inches. He turns 30 on May 4 and said: "I'm delighted I won't be 30 and 30 stone."

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