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Where is Iris Robinson?

Published 09/01/2010

Peter Robinson shares a kiss with wife Iris in the First Minister's office at Stormont
Peter Robinson shares a kiss with wife Iris in the First Minister's office at Stormont
Iris Robinson, pictured with her husband and Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter Robinson
Northern Ireland's First Minister Peter Robinson leaves DUP headquarters in east Belfast last night
Kirk McCambley was aged 19 when he had an affair with Iris Robinson
Iris and Peter Robinson pictured on their wedding day
Newly elected DUP MP Peter Robinson and his wife Iris. 4/5/1979
Iris and Peter Robinson
Iris Robinson has said she tried to kill herself after making a midnight confession to her husband that she had an affair
Iris Robinson
First Minister Peter Robinson
Iris Robinson
Parade participants with a cutout of Iris Robinson. The Strangford MP's recent comments regarding homosexuality were a focal point for some marchers
First Minister Peter Robinson (right) and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness at a press conference in Stormont Castle
Peter Robinson

The whereabouts of Iris Robinson remained a mystery last night as her First Minister husband insisted there are questions only she can answer.

Peter Robinson told the Belfast Telegraph his wife is being treated by a psychiatrist and incapable of providing coherent replies because of her mental state.

He revealed both he and Mrs Robinson’s solicitor have been unable to obtain reliable responses from her since the Spotlight programme was broadcast.

“Both her solicitor and I have been unable to get any coherent responses. I don’t like doing this because you are dealing with somebodys’ mental illness, but Iris has spent over the past year many weeks in a clinic for treatment,” the DUP leader said.

“She is presently receiving treatment from a psychiatrist and the solicitor was unable to take instructions from her because of her illness.”

Given that the programme contained information Mr Robinson says he was previously unaware of, he went on: “Clearly there are issues that she has to deal with.”

As Ulster Unionists and Alliance demanded Mrs Robinson’s immediate resignation, it was becoming clear she may quit her Strangford seat in the Assembly as early as next week.

There were also unconfirmed reports that the troubled MP is planning a holiday next week to a ski resort in the French alps. It has also been suggested she is at a Priory-style clinic in England.

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