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Friday 25 July 2014

17 killed by parade electric shock

17 people were killed in an accident at a pre-Carnival parade in Bandeiro do Sul in Minas Gerais, Brazil (AP)

Brazilian police have said 17 people were electrocuted in a freak accident during a large pre-Carnival parade.

Police said that fireworks lit by partygoers caused a power line to fall on a tightly packed crowd dancing behind a large sound lorry.

The accident happened in the small town of Bandeiro do Sul in Minas Gerais state north of Rio.

Such street parties are common across Brazil and involve a crush of people following behind a sound lorry as it belts out music.

A police spokesman said most of those killed on the street were hit directly by the downed power line.

He said dozens of others were hurt. Carnival officially begins on Friday.